• 12 500 miles

    12,500 miles

    Highest slack, 2 inch

    Time for a new set or it can go for another 500 miles?

    • Inspect the chain for tight links and inspect the sprockets for worn teeth. The chain is likely to jump all over the place when it's running in gear while on its stand as there's no load on it.

    • There are one or two stiff link while Sprocket still looks healthy... Do you follow the slack of ~2 inch while the bike is unloaded?

    • The bike needs to be loaded, ideally with yourself sitting on the bike. If the chain has tight spots you can try and work them out with penetrating oil and elbow grease however you will most likely need to change the chain relatively soon.

    • Thanks! Just changed a set of drive chain system, bike is smoother at lower rpm now. Typically how much is your slack when unloaded?

    • I couldn't tell you as I've never measured it but it is definitely a noticeable difference.

    • Gently push down on the top of the chain between the sprockets with your left hand ... With your right hand grab the chain at 3 o'clock on the rear sprocket and see if you can pull it off the teeth. It should have very little movement if any

    • I changed mine at 15000 miles and it was shot! Really really loud too

    • Thanks! Will do that after some riding. Just changed a new set.

    • Stephen Liam masyuk

    • I changed mine after 30 000km. And bigger sprocket in rear and smaller in from. Amazing torque but no top end lol.

    • -1, +2? how much more difference in the speedo afterwards?

    • -1,+3 and a lot but the torque is insane, I'm a heavy dude so now it's fun doing wheelies, for speed if I'm at 150kmphbim actually going 130kmph

    • That's massive LOL. An increase from 6kmh to 20kmh! What about top speed, how much is reduced?

    • A lot lol. 170 is max now

    • Good for places that have strict speed limit (y)

    • its kinda good cuz in my line of work if i get caught speeding i lose my job so this bike helps me not speed... as much lol