15 Yoshimura tail tidy passenger peg delete heated grips Seat Concepts...


'15, Yoshimura tail tidy, passenger peg delete, heated grips, Seat Concepts, Akrapovic. Huge pluses for the comfy, mile-munching ability, value for money, and That Motor. Not wild about the high speed handling, but at the point its limitations start becoming apparent, I'm going fast enough. It shares space with a homebuilt DR650 supermoto so I'm covered for backroad craziness anyway.

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  • What 'seat update' did you install?

  • http://www.seatconcepts.com/store/ Like I said, Seat Concepts. They take the stock seat pan and put on recontoured foam and a new cover. Doesn't raise the seat height like the Yamaha comfort seat does and it's a lot less expensive, too. For folks on a budget or overseas, they will send you a kit and you can do it yourself.

  • Thanks! Didn't know them and was looking for more comfort without adding height. Im far away overseas but will contact them for options :)

  • Quite aside from the extra height of the Yamaha comfort seat, I totally resented the notion of them charging $350 extra for what they should have done in the first place. The stock seat is a crime scene for anyone rides long distances.

  • True! Although the total lack of feeling in my behind after a long trip did already stretch my budget :|

  • Do you need to bring in your own seat? Or do you buy a complete new one? Since I am traveling California next Month. That gives some possibilities. Taking mine along would be a little too much hassle, but seeying and testing it irl and taking it back I home could do :)

  • Either you ship them your seat, they do the work and send it back to you, or they'll send you a kit and you can do it yourself. They are in Hemet which is a pretty rural high desert part of south California that is far away from the usual visitor areas -- about 85 miles southeast of LA.