• Sadly, this one didn't make it. It just fell apart and will fall apart some more. Very soft and fragile.

  • Yep, time for a newy!

  • I had a look and they can't be gotten new from Yamaha. "unavailable". :/ I'll keep checking ebay !

  • Good luck on finding a good used one. They're pretty scarce. You might get lucky and find one though.

    I never did it before, but you may be able to graft one from a later model FJ onto your earlier one. They're still available...

    https://www.rpmracingca.com/pr oddetail.asp?prod=M%2FC%3ASAG

    Also, similar ones are used on different bikes from different manufacturers. With a little research, you may find one that fits up to the early model FJ pretty easily.

  • Thanks Chuck, I have ordered the above. Only difference is mounting hole tabs. I make it fit good. (y)

  • I actually shopped around and found these guys, the part cost $59.90, $13.70 P+H. A bit cheaper :) http://www.internationalmotopa rts.com/

  • Andrew Stewart Let us know how it works out for you. My guess is, that there are other early model FJ owners looking for a viable replacement for their seal guard too.

  • I don't know what shipping to Australia would be. But The $80.00 US that I paid for a 3cv new one makes buying the swing arm to get the part a good deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Y amaha-FJ1100-FJ-1100-Y515-rear -swingarm-swing-arm-w-guard-/2 31799454318?hash=item35f852fa6 e:g:tucAAOSwCQNWeH2A&vxp=mtr

  • the famous chain lube collector by far the nastiest part ofthe fj

  • Hope it fits. Let us know as I need one for my 84 FJ

  • Yeah, that crossed my mind. I looked at that item a few times yesterday. It may be good or ready to break apart (y)

  • No shipping price written. I have to contact seller.

  • Yeah, the bloody thing. It's put me behind a few weeks waiting for new one.

  • Thanks Mark. I'll detail my work. It's hard to stop from going epic once I start taking pics. I should have taken pics from the start but I was sporadic and spontaneous ;)

  • No worries Chuck. And yeah, it's seems to be a notorious culprit.

  • It looks like it will fit like a glove but the mounts differ.