1975 dt125

Picked this up a while back. Runs well. I put new points on it and timed it, also refurbished the governor.

Needs a tank, tires (I believe the originals are still on), chain, shifter, seat can be recovered but has good foam. I believe everything else is there. Starter motor, horn, tach all work. Does not have a title and looks like registration ended in 1976 or so. It should be out of the system in California. I can provide a bill of sale. Looking for $250

  • How do you refurbish the governor on one of these? I own 3 of them and must have missed that......

  • The arms on mine were not opening so I bought a nos one off an at3 or something that looked similar. Cleaned mine up, made sure the springs were ok, I might have replaced those on mine as well but I can't remember. Then I tig welded the NOS arms off the at3 to the dt125. Works perfectly.

  • Govener?

  • I'd like to see a picture of all of this....

  • I think this 125 to be a 1975 year model.

  • You are right. I mixed up the years with my Honda. Thank you.

  • Here is the back side where I welded the pivot stud to the frame. Not sure what this tells you but it works 100% better than when it was sticking

  • Front side. It got pretty dirty from sitting. Lots of dirt flying around here out in the desert.

  • Hmmmmm, I have a basket case with all the parts this is missing missing top end)

  • Centrifugal advance

  • Would be a great bike to fix up. I could deliver since you're up a ways from Bakersfield

  • I'll consider it