1985 All new.

1985 - All new....! :-)

  • Where did you get the NOS kick starter?

  • I think it came from Italy Brad - not seen another since.. :-(

  • I missed one over here in Australia recently It went for $335. Nice Work there! I'm doing 2 x 84's one white one yellow

  • I think I about 100 euros about £80 GBP for that - I was very lucky... Good luck with the rebuilds - they are a great bike... Post up the pics Brad... everyone loves a good resto to follow... I did a mammoth thread on mine that proved really popular. Here it is: http://forums.mxtrax.co.uk/sho wthread.php/343559-1984-Yamaha -YZ250L-Restoration-begins-!

  • Cheers will look at that one!

  • Hi Rob, you're certainly a Yami guy!

  • Hi Rob, are you a member of the page "Old School 1980's Motocross" here at Facebook? Have you seen that "Yama-Hop" where the rider seemed to fly unintentionally on a "Flying W" position just before probably landing his face into the ground?

    It is also posted here at our Yamaha YZ250 site, about several weeks back.

  • That looks awesome.

  • Hi Rob, this refers to the Yama hop you discussed earlier on earlier YZ's :D ....Got this from the site i mentioned above.

  • Hey Kiko - yeah I've seen that one before - I think it's quite famous - we call that the flying W...