2 stroke bikes getting banned in India


2 stroke bikes getting banned in India?

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  • No it's rumours to make you sell your bike. Mostly mechanics are spreading this rumour to make you sell your rx100 to them cheaply and they will buy it from you and sell with more profits. It happened to me. I refused to sell it to the mechanic saying it stays in my home

  • Correct... It's not only till 2022, but till further also provided the bike maintained as per the regulations. The fitness, insurance, emissions, green tax to be in perfect. That's it

  • Don't sell your rx100 under any rumours. It's a very precious bike and it's getting rare day by day. The power and delivery no 4 stroke can match.

  • Never underestimate the power of the RX and their owners...

  • The strength and power and stability and reliability of an Rx100 is far superior to any 4 stroke bike. Also repairing rx100 is easy and engine is not very complicated like 4 stroke.

  • No official news yet, if it is true we shall protest.

  • No it's only a rumour. No one is banning 2 strokes

  • in 2000 year 2strokes was banned

  • in production of new 4 stroke due to emmision noms

  • Raghu Pathi is right... The manufacturing was banned in 2000. Now there is no clause anywhere that who ever have bought that time should be banned from riding now. It is applicable only for diesel vehicles that's why they came up with LPG and CNG

  • 2 strok vehicles were banned from production by manufacturers. But you can still ride your 2 strokers. Most have paid lifetime road tax etc so you are free to ride it. Just get the new green clearance certificate and renewal of the rc book

  • Yes you are very right.