2002 Yamaha blaster. 1000


2002 Yamaha blaster. 1000


I was told it has a 240 vito kit in it. Looking through the ports, it looks accurate. Full FMF exhaust. Lone star swingarm. Newer maxis rear tires. Kenda front still have a little life in them. Belly and swing arm skids. Dual stage reeds. Jetted. Have an extra set of bars for it. Grab bar is missing. Hydro rears were put on it, the rod that goes from pedal to master is too weak though and needs stiffened up. I can't weld to fab anything up, but it is an easy correction to make. Needs an air filter. There is a box of parts somewhere for it too. Has the old motor-complete- and bolts and misc parts. Think the grab bar maybe in it also, if I can find it it'll go with quad as a bonus.

Runs great.

May possibly part it out. If enough parts are spoken for.

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  • Located in Indiana pa 15701

  • Where's the pics of that swingarm

  • I'd buy the exhaust and front bumper

  • What do you want for the entire motor

  • Make offer on parts if interested in them.

  • Let.me get a pic of complete extra motor plz. I'll pay 250 to 300 for it.

  • Extra motor? Its the motor in the quad now. I'll keep you in mind for 300 if I part it

  • Alright thanks.