2014 fzr Broken timming chain 30hours


2014 fzr Broken timming chain 30hours

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  • Well we all know that the 2014 and 2015 models have this issue.. it's covered under warranty and the only downside is you're out of a ski for about 3 days. As this is the time it takes the local dealer here to fix it and have it back to the client.. could be worse... you could have abound kawasaki 300 and 310 and have the pistons go on you like the 2014 and 2015 models...

  • Sad to hear. Hopefully there is a perfect fix and ur on the water in no time.

    Feeling ur pain.

  • Isn't my ski is a mate's. . Might try the manual chain tensioner . The hydro ones seem to fail on low oil pressure when back to idle

  • I had mine go at 24 hrs

  • Need the secondary oil pump its always been the problem budd

  • Is it the chain, tensor or what is it?

  • Michael Hernandez yup looses pressure and suddenly gets pressure again and snap the chains

  • Will a manual tensor be the answer?

  • Bad batch of cam chains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre Jr Poupart

  • Only fzr or svho général ?