• What handlebars are those again? How much does it change your posture? Anyone know, pictures maybe?

  • Biltwell Keystones. I find I have to lean forward/reach with mine but I'm a little dude.

  • As am I. 5'7"

  • I pulled them back alittle more so my posture is good. The only thing I did not like about the bars is the angle of my wrists but I'm used to it now. Yes I put the stickers on my self

  • I like keystone,have them in my bike since i bought it. Some friends told that handling is harder specially in curves. Logan A. Toynbee If you ride with the stock handlebars what difference you feel?

  • I never ride with the stock handlebars, thats is why i dont know how was handling in curves

  • I felt more upright with the stock bars. And my arms didn't tire as quickly. I'm only about 5'4" on my best day though. Handling wasn't affected as much as I would've thought. Just comfort.

  • Keystooooones!! Whoop