I m a fairly new rider just signed the papers on my new 2014 Blacked out Bolt

I'm a fairly new rider, just signed the papers on my new 2014 Blacked out Bolt. I ordered a bunch of S.O.A. type mods, but didn't do anything to the seat. Was looking at MustangWideVintageSolo or CorbinSoloSaddle. Any of you have experience with those? I'm a big guy and just want something a little more comfy than the stock seat.

  • Mustang.always mustang.

  • I have a mustang...no sore arse after an hour now

  • A buddy has a Mustang on his Sportster and it is definitely softer than my Corbin

  • Mustang with low and mean highway pegs, love the backrest!

  • wow thanks for all the replies and pics

  • You're welcome. We're use to answering this question.

  • Did mine at my local upholstery shop, way cheaper and better quality in my opinion

  • I really like Corbin. They seem to be better for bigger guys. About 10pounds ago I'd have voted for Mustang. Corbin also offers a lot of color and customization options you can't get with Mustang.

  • Got my Corbin shipped to me two weeks ago. Took it out of the plastic wrapper a week later and discovered that one of the rubber feet and the rivet that should have held it in place (on the the base pan) were both laying loose in a crevice of the base pan. The intended rivet hole was damaged by the punch. Waiting for FedEx to pickup unit on Tuesday for factory /repair.

  • The Corbin looks better in my opinion, but the mustang is wider... hmm.