3D model ready to be printed for XVS1100


3D model ready to be printed for XVS1100

%d comments
  • Where can i get one

  • I print them

  • Cool how much

  • 45€ plus shipping

  • Do ya do one for the 650

  • yes :)

  • these are for 650

  • this was made for a 650

  • Awsome

  • Could you do one that would fit onto an xvs 1100 air filter?

  • what do you mean?

  • they already fit 650 or 1100

  • I want something on the middle of my air filter cover .

  • That's where they go Martin Taplin

  • How do they fit on?

  • heavy duty double sided tape. No holes

  • I guess with 3m double sided

  • Could you do me a silver dragon on a black back ground and silver dragster?

  • Sorry , that's v-star..

  • something like this?

  • Yes!, with 1100 twin around the top, v-star around the bottom?

  • If you can do that I'd like to order one , if that's possible?

  • how about something like this?

  • Perfect !can you make me one and let me know the price in pounds,thanks...

  • Maybe v-star classic curving around the bottom?,sorry to be a pain!

  • Martin Taplin sent you a PM