6000km service. The bolt to the oilfilter. Is this something from Factory


6000km service.The bolt to the oilfilter.Is this something from Factory?

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  • Not sure what ypu're asking. But it os a factory part, it shouldn't come of with the filter, and finally if the threads are as messed up as they appear and it's on the engine side you have a serious problem.

  • Looks like someone cut the filter off with a sawzall and went too deep. You should be able to find a replacement. If nowhere else, pull one at a junkyard.

  • Have saved the engine no cuts in the block..Seems like my mecanic says:They have take out the bolt and the filter then cut for realese the pressure and then set it back...Was in for service and then my mecanic see this.Have not loose a drop of oil since I chance at 1000km service,lucky me.Have replased the bolt and oil+filter.Seems to work like normal now.Only want to warn other Bolt brothers,maybe this is a factory thing...I was looking when they served her at 1000km.And 6000km.Have a nice day out there.

  • Its not on the eingine side,where the filter sit.

  • Then you juat need a replacemeny for it. Should be easy enough to get.

  • Done sir.Only wonder if this is a factoryproblem?

  • Seen it in the past, It come out with the filter and "tech want to be" had to cut the filter to get it out, I'm surprised that he did not just replace it after he damage it.

  • Thank you for a good answer.My mecanic for 12years and my second bike there was shoked and says things like that should never happen,spesaly from a serious dealer.But lucky me I saved her.

  • i had real issues getting my oem filter off . collapsed when cutting it off. luckily i didnt damage the threads but i was not far off. the filter felt like it was welded on tight lol.

  • Yeah the filter are over tightwned at the factory on most of these bikes.

  • Thank you so much.