• 8 5 13 wrecked bike

    8/5/13 wrecked bike

    8/27/14 returned to work

    Think about this when you ride with no gear.....

    • Your walking and not one of the missed fallen... Ride easy everyone!

    • Kathy Tails Arnold right after my wreck I tried to get back on my bike but fell over and decided to let my buddy take it home lol Then 3 weeks latter I tried to swing a leg over my friends R6.... Did not go to well lol

    • My wife won't let me leave the house without it :)

    • ..Or even with gear, sadly.

      A mate got hit while waiting in traffic by a speeding driver going the other way doing over 60mph.

      That was over 6 months ago.

      He was wearing full gear.

      The skin graft on his right forearm has finally covered up his tendons & he went in for his 4th leg reconstruction Operation the other day.

      You never know when it's finally time to go.

      But gear can certainly make it harder to leave this mortal coil aye.

    • When it's your time, it's your time. Gear or no gear.

    • Oscar Gomez Garcia yes I'm riding again started back in April Blessed that I'm still here and able to ride

    • Adam Preljevic I pray your friend has a speedy recovery

      I can only imagine the pain he is having to endure

      I was lucky in the fact I only had small areas of road rash

      I've had to have my chest and collar bone reconstructed with titanium braces

    • Dave Patton III we gotta have a sense of humor

      I wanted a R6 so bad but I can't take the aggressive riding position maybe one day!

    • Derek Belisle yes you are right I came so close and am grateful I'm still here

    • I almost fell.. My girlfriend was on the back.. And she didnt do what i told her and i loss balance.. She had my gear on.... Thank god i didnt fall though