99 9 complete Just some tank adjustment bolt tighten and test ride My Xvs650...


99.9% complete. Just some tank adjustment, bolt tighten and test ride. My Xvs650 cafe racer / Street fighter

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  • Just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing better pics outside

  • love the idea! Curious how confortable you'd sit on it

  • Agree with Dan with outside pics. Great job. Maybe some infill panels on seat framework but looks awesome.

  • Shit loads of foam it's deceiving

  • Looking outstanding

  • Looks great but that seat position looks hideous.

  • Last one was a super low so thought I'd mix it up this time round. Might even make some rear controls

  • How long can you stay in that position without permanent damages ? :D

  • What was the ride like ryan

    As im going this route with tracker bars though

  • I road for 1.5 straight. Because of the pull of the bars it stretches your back out. I actually found it more uncomfortable with the original drag bars! Made my thighs numb.

  • But you can't be a short ass. 6'0 plus for this stance people

  • How flexible is the xvs. Love this bike. You got balls mate for going full on custom. Hats off to you.

  • Im 5' 8 hence the reason for tracker bars pulled back a bit lok

  • Just been to my local garage, and they have a model of your bike lol

  • Mint see if they will give it to you

  • It's all about the clip ons.

  • All about back ache

  • Not here

  • Comfy?

  • No problems yet. Covered over 600-700 miles so far with a mixture of short and longer runs.

  • Rad!