• George....I see your point. I looked at a bunch of exploded views and they show it the same way - the reverse of mine. However the way it's shown in my picture is the way it came apart. To confuse me even more in my Clymer manual it's the same as mine.....

    Time to call in the big guns! ;)

  • Clymer is wrong in some other areas also. I don't trust Clymers as the final word. But I as you are up to the "final" word from others :) . I rebuilt mine with the tulip as per the Yamaha drawings and manual last year. Randy at RPM has commented that he see's them wrong often.

  • The plot thickens....these forks had obviously been apart before - perhaps the previous owner had assembled them incorrectly. They are pretty beat up. I've only taken one apart...I'll do the other one and see if that's the I'll go onto the forum.

    Thanks George appreciate it.

  • Here is an out of contex comment from RPM. "Something to think about I personally do not use them on the early forks as well. 99% of them are missing or damaged as they come in with the taper spindle wedged into the bottom of the slider and the washers can be found on either side all screwed up."

  • That's pretty clear.

    What service manual is that George Howard ?