After a hard crash my R is completely destroy So now I m ready to switch to...

After a hard crash, my R is completely destroy... So now I'm ready to switch to Ducati 821!!

  • So just with the car ones (here is the B) you can drive all the motorbikes?? & what's the provisional?? :D

  • 19 to drive 47bhp and gotta have for 2 years for bigger after that

  • Here we must be 18 and after 2 yrs for bigger..

  • Wow the British looks so weird :D :)

  • Thats a list what we can drive. And the dates are from what your legal to ride

  • Gosh 50 years from the issue to the expire date?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! WOOOW

  • Yupp lol whats yours?

  • I got the Italian ones with the exams in German, but when I'll get the A2 and B (both at 18) i will have the Austrian ones..

  • here i think driver's license's life's just 10 yrs