Afternoon Guys Im trying to sort out a XVS125 for my daughter as I ve done bits...

Afternoon Guys, Im trying to sort out a XVS125 for my daughter, as I've done bits here and there I've found a couple of things that Im not sure about and hope that with all your wealth of knowledge on this page you may be able to shed some light on the issues for me if you'd be so kind.

1) Whats this item in the picture that I have highlighted with the green circle? is it some kind of sensor? where can I get a replacement as the end looks like its snapped off? or can I get away with it just not connected?

2) When its running it seems to have a lot of lag on the throttle, when I rode it, I eventually managed to get it up to 50mph on full throttle over a long distance, any thoughts?



  • that looks like one of the petrol heaters,i have a 125 virago and have a few fitted ti my carb.may need a dam good clean out

  • Cheers, Andrew.... I've took it off to try to find a replacement... cant find any online.

  • Have you tried these guys? Got most of everything.... s125_model35841/