Air Ride question


Air Ride question:

Has anyone ever changed out the quick release connections with the plastic line to a hard connection? I know I'm not pioneering the idea, but am I the only one that doesn't like using a push in plastic line that has a tendancy to have a slow leak?

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  • Never had them leak. Maybe you are not shoving the piping all the way up in the hole?

  • My wife keeps telling me the same fucking thing!!! This is bullshit! haha

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  • If you have a leak, you can rebuild the fittings. They come right apart and there is an Oring that makes the seal. You can also add a drop of oil to the fitting to lube up said I rings for a better seal. And the straighter the cut on the tubing, the better.

  • Something Ive done in past guys.... Ive upgraded some of those to the D.O.T fittings... they seem to be better. Also when cutting the tubing, Ill use a tubing cutter to make sure that its nice and straight. Just a couple of ideas.

  • I've used a tube cutter, and retaped all the fittings in the past. I just don't like how I can't trust whether its holding air or not. Some days it holds for a week, others it holds through the night.

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  • With your description of the leak I'm thinking it's something else. A fitting leak unless cross threaded or the like , would leak at a steady rate. Sounds like maybe internally is goofy or a fitting itself is faulty. But my wife says the same thing , so who knows, lol ...

  • I've checked the fittings, retaped them, new lines, soaped the hell out of it. If anything it may be the fittings themselves. Not at the threads but internally. I may just run to the hardware store and get a couple new ones and see if that helps.

  • Sounds like a good plan. I've had my problems with the fittings before and it's extremely frustrating, lol ...