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Hello I Aleksandr Madoyan from Armenia

Since from my 8 years I do karting , then since from my 11 years old I started doing motorcycling, but not in professional level : motocross, motorally. In Armenia there

is no school for training technical sports . Despite of this, in Armenia sometimes do competitions in motocross. Although the technique is old ( 70-80 years ) and mostly homemade . In neighboring countries organized tours motorally, motocross. I am unable to participate in them because of lack of proper machinery , equipment and finances. In Armenia is impossible to buy Motorcycles and related equipment in accordance with international standards of motorsport . If I have finances, I’ll can have a part in that competitions in a neighboring country have the opportunity to acquire the proper equipment and techno . I work a long hours during day and night, doing all kinds of work ( repairing old motorcycles ) and get less per month $ 250. But in Armenia all is very expensive , I can’t save money for my hobby. I hope to find support among motorsport enthusiasts , who have opportunities. Urge and request sponsorship of organizations and individuals to participate in the upcoming professional competitions ( rally in Abu Dhabi , the Dakar Rally ...).I hope for your help and will support , and promise to participate in the event that you and your organization will know in many countries. Bikers , motorcycle racer , motor-fans , wealthy and influential people from around the world , you are my last hope .

my bank shot - les/

Thank you. I believe you

please spread this message

please help

you are my last hope

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