All cleaned up ready to ride


All cleaned up ready to ride!!

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  • Nice shorty fender looks good seat looks good as well I'm still beside myself on if going with no fender and stock seat or your way

  • Yes I know what you mean. I have a love/hate relationship with it myself.

  • NB: A Bolt rider pointed out to me my front fender (RC950) came off the line backwards. He was right. I noticed other backward fenders too. I mentioned this here because it's a great shot of how it is right. Short forward of the fork. Longer in back..

  • Great look, Patrick.

  • eather way it looks badass I wish I had two Bolts maybe even three so I could build one like yours Patrick LaStrapes and one like mine and one some other way there's so many different ways to go I love it man

  • Badass fam looks real good

  • Front fenders are installed by the dealer, not the factory!

  • Tom DeKoster I know that... still,

  • Thx!

  • How does the low and mean seat feel ? I'm 5'7" wondering about comfort

  • Donald Jackson we are around the same height and for what the seat is, It's great for me. Guess it depends if you want something that looks cool for motorcycle events/bar hoping or a seat for 300 mile trips on weekends? If you travel long distance often on your bolt, I would recommend another seat. Or get a second bike.

  • Thanks for the input