• All i need now is a carb float and a throttle cable

    All i need now is a carb float and a throttle cable

    • And throttle cable

    • 10 inch rims

    • Nice

    • Yes the stock carb but i need the one for the tores removal thing

    • Oh I think I got one but not sure

    • I had the bike up for sell but i think she still needs new plastics and a seat

    • And heel guards to avoid your legs getting ripped off.

    • If i could i would

    • Why can't you.....

    • Im broke lol

    • Im still a youngster

    • I have seen the result of feet falling off the pegs, it ain't a pretty sight.

    • I can understand that terry. Hasn't happened to me... YET. I usually ride with aggressive work boots though with a designated heel(work requirement) so my feet stay planted.

    • How long is that swing arm extended? My blaster has a yz250 dropped into it so I'm debating putting an +8" swingarm in it to help keep the front on the ground lol

    • +8 is way to much for just keeping the front down +3 will do

    • I would never swing a leg over a machine without having at least jeans an riding boots, I have Alpinestar tech 7, an gearne SG 10

    • The yz250 has as much power as a built Blaster engine. +3-4 is all you need, just remember one thing the longer the swing arm the less traction. +3 seems to be the perfect size between planted an no loss of traction

    • Yeah I just wear work boots myself. Doesn't bother me much on quads but I def need to get a pair for the bikes. I'm looking in the $100-$200 range. Currently trying to decide between Tech 3's and Comp 5's.

    • Look on eBay Chris. You can usually find some really good deals, Alpinestar is a nice boot, check out gearne G-reacts

    • And a nice seat. 50 + shipping. Lol

    • Comp5s r garbage I have tech 3s and comp 5s Alpinestars are definitely the way to go

    • Good to know. Was just going off this article I read. I'll probably have to go try on a few pair and end up spending $100 more than I intended.

      http://www.dirtrider.com/tests /gear/141_1008_alpinestars_tec h_3_axo_dart_fox_comp_5_boot_c omparison

    • I've had the +3" before but It's more of where I'm riding. Mostly all eroded trails on steeper hills... So needles to say, I need some length for climbing and hills. Just can't compromise the turning radius too much which is what I'm concerned about with the +8". I'm probably just going with a +6" because I plan on building the motor a bit too, get it more towards 60hp from the 48hp it has now.

    • That article explains it well the comp 5s are definitely the tennis shoe of the group. They're comfortable, but feel like they offer no actual support. I've seen way to many videos of peoples shins folding in half over jumps wearing those boots. I'll probably never put mine on again.