Almost forgot about this Anyone know why my bike turned into Darth Vader...

Almost forgot about this! Anyone know why my bike turned into Darth Vader during diagnosis some weeks back?

  • Also, anyone know what that loose plug right there in the start of the video is? It's been just dangling since I got the bike. Can't find any corresponding female connector.

  • That plug was not used in the US models as I understand it. It is hot when the key is turned on. I use the one on mine to drive 3 control relays. Heated grips / Hella horns and extra running lights. While you are at it on the other side there is a Red connector, pull it apart and check it for corroision or burning. Pull it apart even if it looks good from the out side.

  • I think that may be the unused one from the Kalifornia emissions bikes... If so, it's switched 12v, handy for accessories.

  • Ooh, nice!

  • I tkink the red connector is the alternator wire, they are known to be a problem with melting.

  • Rob Zautner you are correct and owing the age of the bike they need to be checked and cleaned. As you can see from this picture the connector looked good until you pulled it apart.

  • All most every fj I'v owned or worked on had this going on to one degree or another.

  • I replaced mine with 2 waterproof barrel connectors. From the alternator, I used male and females to avoid crossing polarity.

  • Now that I've had access to my naked FJ to look, I doubt that. The only green connector I see on it is on the other side of the bike and goes toward the rear of the engine. I can't see the colors of the wiring on yours to trace the schematic when I find it.

  • Don't know but it's cool

  • Maybe going on dark side of force ;)

  • Come to Dark Side Luke we have FJ's