Alright guys Maybe you can make sense of this I m tentatively calling my FJ...


Alright guys... Maybe you can make sense of this. I'm tentatively calling my FJ fixed. While working on it yesterday, I noticed that the oil was way overfilled. I decided to do an oil change and see if that had an effect. After 20 or so minutes of riding around (while it snowed), it didn't show any symptoms, and seemed to be working perfectly. I'm going to do further testing over the week, but I'm hoping this actually fixed it... Somehow.

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  • Over filling oil can cause hydro lock of the Pistons. Much harder for motor to run.

  • Was it just oil or was it full of gas and oil?

  • Problem is, there is always room for 4 liters oil in it. You just gotta make sure there isn't any oil in it first.

    I always drain, crank it for a few seconds, drain it some more, crank it.

    Fill it to the middle of the glass, run it for a minute, let it settle for 5, fill it to the top of the glass, go for a ride for 10 minutes, staying in 1st and 2nd gear to really slosh the oil, then let it rest for 10-15 minutes and check the level. Refill to the top if needed.

  • Just oil, thankfully.

  • I fixed a problem with a CB400 Vtech that had baffled two bike shops. The bike had been over filled with oil and run for a short while until the mistake was corrected. After overfilling the bike wouldn't rev past 4k even with the correct amount in it. Everything was tried until I found that after overfilling, the oil had blown up into the air box and had pooled at the air jets restricting the diaphragms, thus preventing the needles from lifting. A shot of brake cleaner and a wipe of a rag and off it went, revving to the moon. Maybe something to look at!!

  • I'm pretty sure that a good bit of vaporized oil was coming up the breather and into the intake as the bike warmed up. Might explain the bizarre "rich running" behavior. I noticed (also yesterday) that there was a lot of fluid around the intake boots in the air box. Smelled like oil/gas.

  • Oil? Consider it like this, it's just like blood to us humans, if we had too much or too less? |We'd feel fucked. So, just an oil change can make a difference, if the oil was crap, too much oil? I think you've fixed it (Y)

  • I hope you have solved your engine problem, sounds just like you may have. Keep your fingers crossed :)

  • 1st find out why it had too much oil ..... must be a reason and as mentioned make sure its not from fuel from flooded carbs getting in ..... there must have been a shit load of oil to cause the problems u been having.... unless u have filled it so full u need to find the cause ..... I never check oil levels for at least 15minutes after running to give all the oil a chance to drain down into the sump .... my XS when I bought it was lazy and very sluggis but ran after 2 weeks of owning it I did a full service and the bike had over 4lts of oil in it its capcity is 3lts .... the bike never showed these symptoms but was lazy and smoked.... when it was rich on fuel while riding I could not rev over 4k and it farted and burped in high rev once that was corrected it now runs like it has never before .... black plugs/smoke is an indication of being rich, white smoke and oily plugs is and indication of burning oil