Alright Iv checked wires connections grounds changed Cdi stator coil spark...


Alright. Iv checked wires connections grounds changed Cdi, stator, coil, spark plug, have hotwire my kill switch, now it wont crank with starter button but will by crossing solenoid but with no fire, motor is now making a kinda wierd cranking sound when turning over, gas dribbles out of the over flow, im lost and about sick of if. Any other options I have here?

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  • its the killswitch then more then likely

  • Not the key, the on/off with starter button. If not working correctly you can jump off solenoid but it wont send signal to spark from cdi

  • Ya the on off where your light switch is located. Its also hotwired now but nothin. Or should I not have done that?

  • So undo everything you have done and wire everything back to stock.

    Has Edward Tillman chimed in on the fact that the stator sometimes comes wired wrong and needs to be changed.

    Ed please chime in if you can

  • You more than likely did nothing but make more work for yourself. You need to start looking over the wiring and trace down your issue instead of rigging it. My money is on bad switch but hard to say without tracing the wires

  • Knew nothin about stator might be wired wrong. But it did have two of them rubber pieces that let the wires go from in the motor to the outside. And I lost the keys somehow. Really Idk how that happens, but my buddy just got a 01 warrior and i plan on switching some things on them to see if we cant find it. I also plan on getting a ohm meter tomorrow if im off work. Depends on the weather for that. And Joshua if you could direct me to this ed guy or him towards me that would be appreciated

  • Sure thing

  • Ok the plugs from stator you have the 1 plug with 3 white wires don't do anything with that plug then you have a 2 wire plug that will be the pick up coil wires from stator reverse the wires in the plug by unclipping the metal tabs that are soldiered to wires pull them from the plug and put them back in the plug in the opposite slots they were in . And if that doesn't work there should be a 3rd plug do the same with those wires switch them around in the plug

    Let me know if it works and if you understand what I just explained

  • Leave the plugs On The Harness Side Alone

  • Thanks Ed