Alrighty guys my wife s 07 700 grizzly while your riding it ll shut off...


Alrighty guys my wife's 07 700 grizzly while your riding it'll shut off sometimes you can let off the throttle and it just cranks back up other times you have to stop and crank it back up.. Never had a problem with it cranking just shutting off while riding.. Any ideas before I start throwing parts at it? I was thinking TPS

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  • Never found anything wrong just figured it was the change in compression

  • Mine was doing the same and as dumb as it sounds it was my negative battery connection had come lose

  • Neutral switch or TPS

  • Mines do the same what could it be any suggestions I got a 2012 grizzly 550 4x4 got it in neutral then kills in about 30 seconds

  • Could be a bad fule bump

  • Mine was the neutral sensor on mine it's right on the top of the cases right behind the cylinder

  • Mine was the kill switch on the handle bars

  • Check electrical and fuse

  • if you fill the tank with a gas can ,you could have a little water in when it goes throw fuel injector will kill it .an then start right up. up hill down hill or rocking in mud hole .shaking up the gas tank an it will go throw the system. seen this in several kind of machines. make sure your gas cans at home or clean inside.

  • Never use a gas can and we've burned probably 10 tanks through it since we bought it

  • Run some carb cleaner in it change plug that is your two less expense idea