And I am done Test ride tomorrow All left over parts will be up for grabs...


And I am done! Test ride tomorrow. All left over parts will be up for grabs soon.

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  • Looks sweet... if you've still got the original seat brackets I'm after a set Mrs is struggling with the custom seat lol

  • pm any parts plz bud

  • Saddle bags if you have any chap please,thanks!!...

  • Nice! How did you secure them to the rim? I used threaded rod. Not seeing anything on yours

  • Looks stunning, you should be very proud.

  • Industrial sealant! I'll let you know after the test ride today if it works

  • Parts list will follow later today

  • Ohhh, take it easy. One good bump and they can dislodge. The thought alone is terrifying.

  • Looks amazing

  • I have survived! All the way up to 45mph. Wind was interesting as pretty gusty here. Wheel covers held fast so I guess only time will tell

  • looks good bud pleased test ride went well ride safe

  • Speedo bezel please.