Another good group question What kind of brush mitt are you using to clean...


Another good group question. What kind of brush/ mitt are you using to clean your Hulls? My SX192 has a black Hull, so I am a little afraid of using a standard brush. However I don't want to wash laying on my back with a microfiber towel. The boat is run in brackish water mostly. Thanks in advanced!

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  • But seriously, I usually use one of those water driven spinning brushes, like to wash a car

  • The gel coat will take a brush without a problem. Any deck brush will work fine with a good gel coat soap.

  • Extending handle microfiber wash mop, save you back! -48-Extension-Pole/45016324

  • ^----this is almost identical to what I use.

  • I just ordered it from Amazon, give it a shot for $13