Another new guy question 2014 242 LS anyone know where these short tower...


Another new guy question--- 2014 242 LS--- anyone know where these "short tower storage supports are stowed?" I can't find them???

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  • Mine were back by the cooler storage!

  • Found mine in a box slid all the way in back on starboard side. Stick you're head in cooler compartment and look back would be my guess.

  • Yep if I remember correctly that is where mine was! Look back where the tank for the shower is!

  • duct taped somewhere....could have slid under helm or another tight spot....dig around

  • yes, it was way in the back behind the fresh water tank almost

  • Thanks All!

  • One more question form the new guys, and yes, i read the manual..... Is there a way to leave the Multi Function LCDs on without the engine running? I want to set-the time, learn the gauges etc...

  • Mine are stowed near shower tank.