Any advice on where to get the best keel guard for a 2014 SX190 How long of...


Any advice on where to get the best keel guard for a 2014 SX190? How long of one would you recommend? We're getting the bottom of the boat painted as we leave our boat in a slip in the water all summer and algae sticks to it like glue. Want to get a keel guard quickly so he can put that on before painting it.

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  • You should look into a lift if you can have one at your lake. Just remember that stuff that grows on the bottom is also growing inside the intakes, impellers and jets. You can pick up used ones pretty cheap. There are 4 basic types. I have the one where a pump fills pontoons and comes forward as it comes up. They also have one that goes straight up, one that is lifted manually with a huge wheel, and one that you just drive on.

  • We rent a slip at a marina so I'm not sure they'd allow something like that. I know when we had our own cottage growing up we had the hoist with the wheel but now we're having to dock at a marina.

  • I rent a slip at a Marina too.

  • I have a slip too, lifts are no problem. Bottom painting these boats reduces their value.

  • Wow, where can you get lifts that float on top of the water since we can't dig into the ground or mount anything permanent? We're at a state park with 400 boats and no one has one so not sure they'd allow it.

  • Im also at a state park marina and I use an Airdock. It takes some time to set up initially and work the kinks out, but it actually does a great job keeping the boat out of the water.

  • What state do you keep your boat in? We're in NY so we can only keep the boat in the slip from May thru Oct. I will look into this though! Very intrigued! Thanks!

  • Im in PA. Our season is from 4/1 to 11/1. There are many lifts that are not permanent. I think the Rolls-Royce of them is the Sunstream V lift. Google that one. If I buy another, thats the one!

  • I have this, it floats and you drive right up on it. Has an air system that will lower or lift the boat out of the water. candock makes it and I've recently been dealing with them to get a new air system and they have been really awesome. I live in PA so I'm about may thru oct as well

  • What is this one called? They seem quite expensive but are a cool idea!

  • That sunstream v lift looks pretty awesome. I don't see any prices though. Any idea what they would cost?

  • I believe its about $7500. Almost double the cost of an Airdock!

  • Dirk Sellenger thanks, but you didn't see it's a work in progress.... this year TVs go in along with a real stereo to replace the boom box, got an electric weber grill for over the fridge

  • I used an 8' megaware keel guard from ebay. Prep is everything!