Any battery upgrades for 450r bike bogged down started loosing power then died...

Any battery upgrades for 450r bike bogged down, started loosing power then died out, i charged it tried to start and just get clicking noise now

  • Man mine did the same and could start it back up and it run a sec and do the same now won't start at all but turns over. Just got it don't know what's wrong

  • Mines doing the same damn thing

  • Is yours carbureted. Mine is I'm wondering if that's what it is. I just got it a week ago so I don't know much about it

  • Nope efi

  • Mines turning over though if yours is just clicking could it may be just a bad battery

  • Yeah im looking at batteries just wanting to get the best one

  • WPS Lithium Battery. Super light and works great

  • I used a street bike batt had to do a little trimming to the bat box and to the seat but it never did it again

  • I will look into that ran across a couple lastnight on ebay

  • 24 v system

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