any body facing same problem


any body facing same problem ??

i m owning FZ first version(military green colour) mine bike pick up is very low compared to all other same model bike... i changed it's clutch plates, even walls too.. but no use... even i fill full tank petrol,, it rides as if no petrol in it... It jerks backward... :(

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  • Clean fuel injector,and its pump,air filter

  • chnag oil filter clean air filter..and adjust throotel cabel....check tire presure......

  • Bro ur bike needs an engine rebuild.. I think so..

    Take ur bike to the service center guys and ask them to rip the block apart and clean the internal parts.. also check for piston rings camshaft timing chain gearbox piston body inner surface of the bore. Check them thoughly and replace if necessary.

    Also replace ur fuel supply pipe and clean ur carburetor. Inspect the throttle body for damages.

    Check the bearings of the wheels and shafts. Also the front and rear sprockets and drive chain need to be checked and replaced if necessary.

  • Timing chain variation cause unwanted sound in engine?

  • Yo bro.. it is what that synchronises ur camshaft to crankcase.. I am not exactly sure but it does connect camshaft to something

  • But,how it varied in my engine ?

  • I didnt drive fast also

  • Can we adjust that?

  • It's a chain sprocket mechanism bro.. one slip of the sprocket anyhow and the rider is screwed..

  • Experience personal can adjust that.. I too can't..

  • Hmm thnq bro

  • Some repair shop mechanic can adjust it

  • I ll try

  • Yea they can do it.. visit them

  • Check chock wire

  • Koushik Paul bro Wat abt fz v2...jus 6mnths old...

  • First reset up the means engine bore

  • Raja what's the problem?