Any body have the ROCK BOX


Any body have the ROCK BOX?

Any input or any pics?

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  • I do. I like it. They've improved it since I've bought mine by having a better antenna. I can send mine in with $35 and they will change it. But I use an old phone as a music player via 3.5 me plug. It also has USB for charging phone and playing a music stick etc. Has temp gauge, preset stations, bass and treble equalizers/gains, plus more options.

  • Any pics? When you say the older model what year? Looking on eBay and there is one from 2013-2014 for only 100.00

  • Yes that's older, not as good of radio station reception. Good price though. Regularly over 250. Let me see if I can dig up a pic.

  • Those are 4" speakers, pretty big for handlebar but sounds better than smaller.

  • I made a stainless steel mount. Basically I cut it out like a "T" a bent it like an "S". It mounts to the 2 lower (closer) handlebar bolts. Backed bolts out, slid mount between and put bolts back.

  • I'll get better angle shots in morning.

  • Awsome thanks you was the bracket hard to make?

  • No. I have a bandsaw at work I used to cut it out. But a sawsall then sander to smooth edges would work, or a cutting wheel (like metalbo) then sander to smooth edges and corners. Basically anything like that. I marked and drilled the 4 radio bolt holes and 2 mounting holes before cutting it out.

  • So another words how much for you to make it and send it to me lol.

  • Lol! I would dude. I'm out of work for next 2 weeks. But I think I may have material here, if I didn't throw it away when cleaning out garage. You know how it is, you save useful stuff you don't have use for, then when you throw it away (to prevent being a hoarder or junk collector), then you need it.hahaha

  • that would be awsome. I have the stage 3 speakers already and use my phone but after 2 years the same songs get old and I want radio.

  • I have an 2009 raider. So let me know the cost and I will PayPal you the money or how ever you wanna do it.

  • I'll make you one for 20 bucks. If I have material I'll make it sooner, if not it'll have to wait til I go back to work and have extra time to screw

  • So i got it in the mail and hooked it all up and it does not work :(