Any body know anything about recalibrating a speedometer on a bike Mine is off...


Any body know anything about recalibrating a speedometer on a bike. Mine is off so my trip meter is wrong also. At 70 im really only doing about 63. Its a 2000 star 1100

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  • I would think if the needle can go on any way, you should just be a able to adjust the needle a little Brian Badger

  • Brian Badger,is it now too high or too low?

    I haven't taken one of these apart, but its probably a safe assumption that it is typical of the ones that I have been into.

    My guess is that is now too high??

    The reason for this, if so, is because there is a slight amount of tension inside the speedo holding the needle against the peg at a stop. You can't tell how much, because the needle is resting on the peg. Once you remove the needle, and there is no longer anything preventing it from moving, it is allowed to unload that tension.

    Then, when you just simply reinstall the needle where it is on the peg, it may look right, but doesn't account for the slight amount of tension that it previously had to overcome before moving off of the needle, so the result would be the needle moving farther than it would before, because now it is moving sooner than it did beforehand.

    Sometimes its a real pain to get the needles back exactly like they should be.

    Or I may be wrong. Lol

  • Simple way to do this. Ride with your GPS, figure out how much your speedo is off, then do the math when you riding.

  • Yeah i don't really want to do the math. I'd rather my speedo just be right. When the speedo is off then you don't get an accurate mpg, and it also means that you would be showing more or less miles on the bike total mileage. If the speedo is right the your mileage is right also. Showing less mileage wouldn't be bad but I'm sure that no one wants their bike showing to have more mileage than it actually does.

  • It's high . Haven't tested with another bike or car.

  • Brian Badger if the speedo is to high then it will be adding more mileage on your bike than what you are actually putting on it.

  • It still spins the tack the same. The needle must be to high

  • Is it a factory tach or after market

  • Factory! Just change the face. 04 650 classic

  • Yeah i would try to change the needle up asap cause with a speedo being to high you are putting more mileage on the mileage counter than what you are driving. Don't want to have the wrong mileage if you ever sale or trade the bike in.