Any cons of running my bike with out a baffle in my muffler it s only temporary...

Any cons of running my bike with out a baffle in my muffler, it's only temporary until I can get the cobra put on

  • If you can get all the pieces out it sounds kinda cool. Chris Samuelson

  • I'm still gonna try to eventually get the other one running, if i quit robbing all fhe parts lol, I'll try to get them all out b4 I put it on

  • Chris Samuelson has one that's completely hollowed out. Sounds kinda cool

  • It has a completely different sound that I've never heard from all the stock pipes modded.

  • Little side question, it's sputtering and acting up, I ordered a carb kit, what should I do for the main, clean the stock really good or possibly drill it out a little or would I be better off ordering new?

  • Cleaning out don't drill it or it'll run rich. Soak it in carb cleaner for a day then blow out with compressed air.

  • I was just gonna basically "hone" it out a little lol but I'll clean it really good

  • They r brass and it gets opened up real easy.

  • My buddy drilled his in his 400 ex and you can drop a pencil in it lol

  • Lol oops!!

  • He runs it with it though lol