Any idea what could be causing this blowback or backfire through the carb


Any idea what could be causing this blowback or backfire through the carb?

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  • I buy local at

  • I've been unsuccessful finding an adjustable cam gear? I never found it on the site listed below or by doing a google search. Anyone have a lead on where to buy one? Thanks

  • You dont need a adjustable gear you need a new chain lol. Why do you ask for advice and totally disregard proper maintenance advice

  • Yamaha shop

  • lol Just weighing different options. I've never had to replace a timing chain before and was reading that it was easier to do the adjustable cam gear. Gerald do I need to buy any gaskets when doing the timing chain? What all do I need to buy when replacing the chain? I have the service manual but haven't had a chance to fully read what's involved in changing the chain. I'd like to order everything at once.

  • You have an air leak man between your carb and intake. You can see it spit out in front of your carb. Air leak means your lean and will make it spit back. Also causes the idle to hang a bit as yours did in the video

  • I did have a loose clamp.

  • yea looks like it must be a home made intake? But I could see it spit back in front of the carb. As for the timing mark I wouldn't sweat that. i have worked on many warriors and most of them never line up exactly. Get your intake fixed and I bet it will be fine.

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  • Never even watched the video when i comentted the first time way earier about making sure you dont have intake leak...just saw your intake and commented. Watched the video and yeah its plain to see thats your problem