Any idea what went wrong or just a coincidence Purchased a 12 o clock speedo...


Any idea what went wrong or just a coincidence? Purchased a 12 o clock speedo DRD from motto mummy , to fix Yamaha's inaccurate speedometer ( you all know speedometer says 60 and your really going 55) found the speed sensor unplugged and plugged back into unit , all the red light , green light and then orange light at the end of calibration all functioned just like the directions. Wife on the back with a GPS holding up yes looks like it fixed it :) Yahoo .......... 15 miles down the rd we stop for a couple minutes and hit the start button and green light ( neutral) goes off with a click sound undele r the seat , loose battery cable ...barely ....I then try this 4 south times click ...neutral light off . So I take the speed sensor switch back offended...same thing get a jump .it starts speedometer needle is jumping up and done , giver some throttle dying out 2 attempts at this send for a brand new battery 100 miles no problems???? yes had bike for a year battery inside on tender . Bike is 2009 .... just got out of shop new tire on the back never a problem ever with the battery EVER drove it home 40 not a problem until this . Battery will usually give a sign ? Afraid of hooking speedoDRD back up 100.00 Battery and all . Any idea's?

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  • Batteries down here in fl do that all the time from extreme weather conditions (heat) without warning. Maybe from extreme cold too???

  • Nope beautiful day 70 degrees

  • But what about last winter? Wasn't sure if it was new.

  • But what about last winter? Wasn't sure if it was new.

  • Nope had the battery sitting in the house all winter on charger twice a month , that's why I tank it was the speed sensor:(

  • Any one know why it would short out my battery?