Any of you Girls Guys got issues with whining transmission Mine is really bad...

Any of you Girls & Guys got issues with whining transmission? Mine is really bad between 55 to 65 in 6th gear

  • My fazer 600 is same as tracer. Fazer got 30k on clock and tracer got 4k

  • Yup - I have the same. Been to 2 different dealers (first at 6k service, 2nd at 12k service.) BOTH have blamed the chain adjustment......

  • I find the transmission whines all the time. Surprisingly I only noticed it when I changed to a big after market screen. Because you're the sitting in a still air bubble the sound is really noticeable. However it's done it since 1000 miles and is no worse at 6000 miles. I don't notice it when I put the standard screen back on. Maybe some thing to do with the high stacked gearbox on top of the motor and nothing between it and your ears

  • I should have added. Once they adjusted the chain to its recommend banjo wire tension, it is improved. (But that's hella tight for a chain.)

  • Straight cut primary gears are to blame.

  • Could be the shaft drive.

  • Straight cut gears - stronger but noisier.

  • use 5th gear unless going over 70 mph

  • Mine does it from about 42mph in 3rd and exactly 54mph in 6th. Always has from new, had 600 mile service, now on 1800 miles. Always been the same

  • It's normal noise, not a defect so I use ear plugs, that reduces it to an acceptable level.

  • Feature of the model Sir!