• Any of you guys and girls had a rear shock changed due to rust by the dealer...

    Any of you guys and girls had a rear shock changed due to rust by the dealer under warranty?

    • Mirrors rusted. Clock's filled up with water.

    • Thanks, mine are still fine

    • Looks like if you are in Europe they cover the shock. If you are in North America they do not cover the shock. This is my understanding which is total crap. I live in eastern Canada and they denied my claim because they say corrosion is excluded in the warranty

    • Bike in tomorrow for diagnostic - gear selection, stalls on takeoff & check head bearing. 5,600 miles.

    • It does not make sense ... I suggest you to write to the motorcycle newspcapers to denounce the fact...

    • I have emails from the head guy in Canada who sent me a copy of the warranty. I can post the link to the warranty here. Does anyone have a link to the warranty for the Europe Warranty?

    • I have only the hard copy of the warranty....I checked now in the list of the works done for the servicing of the10000 km and is not mentioned the shock replacement under. warranty, even if has been changed ...very strange

    • Yes and badges for corrosion

    • Like many I have have had mine replaced too. Confused the dealer by taking the loose shock in as I had replaced mine the previous week with an Ohlins - misunderstanding cleared and 6-8 weeks later I collected my new Yamaha shock yesterday.

    • http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/ass ets/pdf/products/en/factory_MC .pdf

      This is the link to the warranty. I would like to see the warranty for the uk if someone can share please.

    • The warranty policy isn´t availible online here in Europe. You have to contact your dealer if you have questions. I checked out Yamaha Sweden, UK and Germany, all the same. That´s crazy.

    • I've got warranty claim going at the moment for rear shock and bottom radiator bracket

      I also been to tell the dealer about the badges and the "carbon" panels

    • The warranty conditions are contained in our service book - skimming through the terms and probably missing bits :

      4) Reasonable care has to be taken to keep the motorcycle clean and free from chemical attack according to the cleaning instructions in the manual.

      and further on in the booklet after the warranty conditions:

      Winter Usage.

      During the winter months your machine may be subjected to chemical attack from ice and snow clearing salts and agents. If your machine is to be used regularly throughout the winter months we recommend that aside from the normal service intervals you have your authorised Yamaha Dealer carry out a 'lubrication and safety check' at the onset of winter and at least once again during a winter period if the routine service is not due. This action will ensure your machine is protected from the adverse conditions of British winters.

      If you want the full wording Chris, PM me and I'll scan it and email to you.

    • Found nought, said could be that the clutch lever was incorrectly placed, moved it up a bit & tightened it up.

    • Had lots of rusty bits changed on tracer and previous 09 under warranty with no arguments