any one know how to fit K N air filter in yamaha fz version 2. 0

any one know how to fit K&N air filter in yamaha fz version 2.0

If any one had alreadyinstalled please tell what are Advantages and Disadvantages and any Problems.........PLS Help me guys

  • Power increses

    Milage decreases

  • venu bro i understand my main problem is Which model is prefered as perfect because

    fz version 2.0 had fuel injection as it is a closed loop one

    as vechiles ECU cannot adjust the fuel delivery and air flow

    that's my main problem

    i had verified in expert mechanic , as he that it is diffucult to adjust the carborator

  • have u installed k&n air filter

  • No i dont use k&g

  • Fi is best bro

    Cabetour is old technology

    No a day s many bike s comes with fi system . every ktm model is fi

  • bro even all fuel injector system should must contain carborator

    as carborator take fuel and air to burn

    and fuel injector is used becouse to get fuel efficency

    fuel injector sprys the fuel

  • I hav uni in my fz

  • using k&n rc1060 in my v2, gain in acceleration n mileage drop of 5kmpl approx. Ecu will compensate to it.