• Any suggestions on period correct tires for a 78 IT175 4 10 X18 seems to be...

    Any suggestions on period correct tires for a 78 IT175. 4.10 X18 seems to be hard to find. BTW, I've found the Chen Shin's to be pure garbage. Horribly out of round and so hard they do not even need to have air in them!

    • I use Chen Shins on 125 and 100cc vintage bikes because that is the only thing that will fit in the swing arm. However, Kurt said he DOESN'T want a Chen Shin,so what anyone else thinks about them really isn't relevant.

    • Anyone run Vee Rubber on their vintage bikes?

    • i'm also interested in the vee rubber rears - i've been cutting knobs to make the better tires fit, which sucks. anyone using them?

    • I use bridgestone or metelzer tires work good for me.

    • the m403 100/100-18 is the only tire i've found that is of decent quality that fits the narrower swingarms - sometimes this still hits the brake arm. it is 118mm wide fully inflated. and the widest side knobs are 305mm from the center of the axle.... just in case you'd like to see if one will fit... so go forward of axle 305mm and see if 118mm wide will fit..

    • I like Bridgestones on my modern bike 300XCW. M59 /M404 for the woods of Maine.

    • Or can use v33 tires

    • V33?

    • IRC tire brand

    • I've run the vee rubber 4.10 and 5.10. Like them Alot

    • V33 excellent

    • Those tires are good perfect use on either suz PE and yami IT