Any Tracer owners had a problem with a cam chain rattle

Any Tracer owners had a problem with a cam chain rattle??

  • Will do, brought it up at 1st service and spoke to Yamaha technical today, they reckon its just the tensioner needs adjusting...thought all that would have been done/checked at factory and during PDI.......

  • Apart from that the bike is amazing! Fast, agile, comfy and even the mrs likes it! Winner!

  • Does anybody notice 6th gear is louder than the others

  • Interesting. I also own a pair of Honda VTR's. A mandatory mod is either an internal stopper tube inside the auto CCT'S or replace with manual CCT's as when the auto CCT goes the valves and pistons say hello to each other. So, are the Tracer's CCT's manual and will we all have to have them adjusted in the future. I will ask tomorrow!

  • Well, had CCT adjusted today and still have a mechanical rattle between 2000 and 3000rpm so its probably not that! Any ideas??

  • i had that problem on my MT09 (2014) my dealer fitted a new CCT and the problem went away. It was a problem on a lot of the original MT's but never picked up as an official recall. if you read the American forums there are lots of people that have had this problem and a few mod to stop it too. But on my last MT a new CCT sorted the problem at no cost from my dealer.

  • mine did a rattling sound when i used 100 octane fuel,now it sounds normal again with regular fuel.6th gear has a different sound and a louder wistle.

  • Γιάννη I also use 100 octane gas, I shall do a switch to normal 96 octane, just to double check this. 6th gear does sound strange, but after 5000rpm it goes away.

  • Yes visit Yamaha and Check if your number of tracer body needs replace or adjustment on the rattle

  • Do you have a weblink?