Any9ne here run balancing beads. Got two packets of them today for free


Any9ne here run balancing beads? Got two packets of them today for free :) gonna throw front wheel on balancer and check it then throw them in and see how they go

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  • What are they?

  • Tiny ass beads which fit through the valve and they spin around inside the tyre and rim maintaining a perfect balanced wheel 100% of the time.

    As u may or not know the second you balance your wheels and ride out theyre already unbalanced because of tread wear. And usually your right side should wear quicker in australia because your on the left side of the road and the road cambers down to the left so water runs off the sides of the road.

    A balanced wheel stops vibrations and wear from the vibrations.

    More noticed in a car and truck

  • When you commented a thread of mine last week some dude commented and said he uses them but they only work after 25 mph... but said he used in all his vehicles.. I read very mixed reviews... but let us know how it works I'm curious a personal fz experience.

  • From.what ibe come up with in my head. You will balance with weights and put beads in to balance the smaller changes so low speed you still have a majority balance if you get what I mean?

  • Yeah like you have a base balance with your "from shop balance" then when you start at high speeds it helps fine tune the balance?

  • There are shops that have high speed balancers as with that note. Ill do some research with these balancing beads.