Anybody got a 660 with a 2 or 4 lift kit post pics plz I m needin ideas of...


Anybody got a 660 with a 2" or 4" lift kit post pics plz!!! I'm needin ideas of witch lift to put on mine with 30" silverbacks on it!!!!

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  • Deflated basketball ball between tire and fender heat plastics with heat gun while airing up basketball .

  • Beaner Begrow Wat lift is that

  • 2in high lifter but just flipped the rear carriers haven't installed rear yet.

  • Rear carriers Wat is that??

  • you just flip the rear axel spindle or carrier as some call it. take rear tires off and it's only two bolts.

  • 2in highlighter

  • Joe Sheffield that's what I've been thinking about a 2" lift!!!

  • They not to bad.