Anybody got any experience with the 05 AOS forks Iv read about a few mods that...


Anybody got any experience with the 05 AOS forks? Iv read about a few mods that can improve them.

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  • Dave Cornelison blew up the internals on his 05 forks and lost all damping. If I remember right, it was the mid valve that went. Unfortunately Yamaha doesn't sell that part unless you buy the entire inner cartridge for several hundred dollars. If you're going to spend money, buy a set of 06 or 07 sss forks off of ebay, they bolt right up and use the same axle as 05. 08 and newer ones require triple clamps, axle and new hub as well.

  • Oh and aside from slightly different valving and spring rates, the forks are externally identical for the same years on all full size yz's 2 and 4 stroke

  • If you don't want to go that far though, you might be able to buy the race tech kit from him to revalve, we can't use it on any of our bikes

  • Ken Bates any advice

  • I was considering doing a swap for sss but I was abit unsure on what I needed.. The forks are off a 06 yzf would these be a straight swap with my 05 forks ?

  • I think the fork guards are different. Everything else bolts right up

  • Cheers Ian

  • Good luck, you'll enjoy them. The stock 06-07 sss forks are way better than my old revalved 02's and Dave's revalved 05's when they still worked. Before you do the swap it wouldn't be a bad idea to tear into them to check seals and bushings and put some fresh oil in when you're done.

  • Yeah will do... My mates bike has 07 sss on it and it feels so plush compared to mine, I didn't really notice much in the shock

  • Aside from a thicker shaft and titanium spring, the only real difference in the shock is shim stacks being slightly altered