• Anybody got any trips planned on their Tracers I m going on my second road...

    Anybody got any trips planned on their Tracers? I'm going on my second road trip this year, last one was on a Suzuki GSR 750. I'm heading (with the lady on the back) from UK (Midlands) to Spain via ferry, down to the south via Madrid, then back up the coast to Andorra via Barcelona, along the Pyrenees then back to the ferry then home. 10 days and about 2000 miles, 6 weeks to go! Cant wait!

    • 4/5 days round North & West Scotland in August with a few lads from work. If anyone has done that and can pass on any info it would be appreciated!

    • I'll be up to Carlisle in early September for one night then on to Fort William for 5 days riding around Scotland before we head back for two days along Hadrian's Wall.

    • Hope the weather is good, believe the midgies are brutal up there :)

    • IOM in less than 2 weeks 8 days, july mid wales, follow the coast to lands end then acrooss the south coast to bournmouth 5 days

    • Got loads planned this year :D . Wales or Scotland this w/e, a weekend in the lakes next month. A fortnight in Scotland in July then a week or so on the isle of man for the classic TT. Can't wait :D

    • As I am Scottish, now living in Portugal. I now get to ride 12 months of year instead of 6 :-). Heading up north this week into mountains and then Faro in July for concentration. Loving the Tracer but inside of legs take a pounding in long distance rides. Found padded cycling shorts help a little

    • Shaun Keogh, I am pretty much doing the same trip in the first two weeks of August. have fun

    • Austria 18th July - 28 July. 3 days there, 3 days back & 5 nights in Austria. Countries France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovenia. with riders mainly from the Kent Advanced Motorcycling Group. This was the main reason for buying the Tracer. Then 5 days Bike Normandy in September. Wifey is doing her own thing with her girlie friends :-)

    • I would love to ride to Andorra, I go snowboarding there, allways wanted to see it in the summer.

    • Planning to go to New Zealand South Isle early next year for a month, unfortunately can,t take the bike from Australia to New Zealand so got to hire a bike there, the company i am going with hasn't got a Tracer yet, so it looks like i will be on a Triumph Tiger