Anybody here living in Victoria Australia What are the laws for pillion...

Anybody here living in Victoria, Australia?? What are the laws for pillion passenger there??

  • Oh alright. That's what they told me last year but thankfully I got a full licence straight away and didn't go trough p's

  • It's all due to change in November next year.

  • Change how??

  • The state traffic minister wants Learners permits to last for minimum one year & for p platers to have mandatory 3 years on LAMs regardless of whether they are full car license holders.

  • The learners permit restrictions are due to change this October.

  • bloody hell. what a joke.. at least legalize channeling

  • Damn. That means 4 years on lams bike? I just got on my red Ps the other week and I did it literally 3 months from getting Ls. I am under 25 so I gotta go through 12 months reds and 24 months greens. Is it the same in Victoria?

  • Actually I just started reading vic roads website and it says that if you re over 21 you go straight to P2 but for three years?? So technically if I move to Victoria and get my licence transferred I get P2 and I can have a passenger??

  • Jeez these laws seem to be a pain in the ass

  • Yep Jarek, but come November next year it's all set to go to shit.