Anybody interested in a ytm fairing Very rare piece of history I have 275...


Anybody interested in a ytm fairing? Very rare piece of history. I have 275 cash into it so please no insulting offers. I have no desire to let it go for cheap. If someone wants to make a real offer I promise none of your buddies will have one. If you live Yamaha trikes this piece is something you will probably never see for sale again

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  • No I wish I could, just have to much stuff going on

  • Dang it

  • I made brackets for mine.

  • Got pictures?

  • No but if i can find the thing I can take pics of the brackets I made.Its been awhile.

  • Same fairing or universal?

  • Remember the pic of the one I posted? That has the mounting n the fairing

  • Very rare find!

  • I'd be afraid to use it at $275 and that's an expensive wall hanger .

  • Not to change the subject but what ever happened to the guy trying to get front rims?