Anybody know a good place to snag up a good graphics kit


Anybody know a good place to snag up a good graphics kit?

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  • BRM offroad will make just tank graphics or just fenders which ever you prefer. The prices vary, tank kits are like 45 bucks

  • I might have to talk to graphic worx

  • Been thinking about seeing if someone could whip up a kit for my Wolverine since there's nothing for the 95-05 years

  • They will hook you up, you may have to measure a template but the options are unlimited. The sale is good for 5 more days, Its like comparing ITP to Maxxis, Spider Graphix to Graphic Worx, so both companies are top notch

  • E bay

  • Well I emailed BRM couple days ago about graphics for my Wolverine and this is the email I got back from them

  • 35 for fronts and 45 for rears is a decent deal!! I figured if no temp plates was on hand they would ask you to make some. Still glad to see them offer to help

  • My Orders Order date: 11/30/2014

    Order#: 11

    Shipping to: Tim Akers

    Items Ordered: Price: Status:

    •1 of : A Custom Design Kit [Color #1 Primary:White ][Color Accent #1:Blue ][Color Accent #2:Black ][Color Accent #3:Bright green ][Color Accent #4:light blue ][Machine Type:ATV Adult][Model:YFZ 450 ][Year:08 ][Tank:IMS][Plastic:OEM][Hood Wrap (Honda Fourwerx-Quadtech):None][Hood Type:FourWerx][Hand Guards:Cycra][Mud Plugs:None][Mud Plug Size Front:Front 10"][Mud Plug Size Rear:Rear 9"][Drop Down Plates Decals:None][Extra Front Fender Decals:None][Sponsor #1: Moto-Xperts ][Sponsor #2: Zbros ARS-FX][Sponsor #3: GT Thunder ][Sponsor #4: Fourwerx Carbon ][Sponsor #5: Houser ][Sponsor #6: Fasstco.][Sponsor #7: Rekluse][Sponsor #8: Quadtech][Sponsor #9: Hiper ][Sponsor #10: HMF ][Sponsor #11: IMS ][Sponsor #12: Custom Axis][Sponsor #13: Tireballs ][Sponsor #14: Evans Coolant ][Sponsor #15: CP Pistons ][Name: Tim Akers ][Number: 517 ][Number Plate Color: Blue ][Fox Float Shock Decals:None][Misc Notes: Need 2 Jesus Saves decals added , Need a Pink ribbon added and a Purple ribbon added anywhere on kit is fine. ]

    $214.00 Processing My Order from Graphic Worx , this is without discount, I didn't pay 215 a little over 100

  • They also make Walker Fowlers, Chris Bithells and several other XC1 and XC2 guys graphics. Legit stand up company. Contact Ethan Gibson if interested in some. Ive ran SSI, G4 , Attack by RMATV and Spider graphix and each named are great companies.

  • Yeah when I get a chance I'll make some templates of the spots I want the graphics and send em to BRM offroad and see what they can whip up for the Wolf

    I'm kinda thinking going with the same color scheme as the factory tank graphics that AR on it with a added hint of yellow and a splash of blue

    I just don't know how to go design wise on them but I'm sure they will design a bunch of different ways on computer then email pics to me

    We shall see