Anybody know a trick to get the carbs on a 1200 seated in the intake boots

Anybody know a trick to get the carbs on a 1200 seated in the intake boots?

  • Let someone else do it ;-)

  • Yep, getting the carbs off the stock airbox is Houdini business. Once everything was disconnected and ready to slide the carbs out sideways, I found it helped to slide a rectangular shaped piece of sheet metal between all four carbs and the manifolds. That way the engine side of the carbs slides easily on the sheet metal and you only have Houdini the carbs past the airbox boots. It is a great help to remove the airbox mounting bolts as already mentionned.

  • I'm sure and it's been a while since I had an fj but I used to loosen the air box pull it back push the carbs onto the intake rubbers and then push the air box on but Neal Will will confirm this

  • To get them out you push the air box rubbers In to the air box bob

  • But seriously, vaseline is the best way for mounting your carbs

  • It's also a great protection against cracks due desiccation.

  • lots of uses but id rather dw40 on tha bike,mr sheen works well to:),save tha vas 4 other uses:)

  • and ifmy mates seen a jar of vas in my shed they wouldnt come around anymore:(

  • Odd friends

  • my odd friends keep their jar of vas in their bedroom,i got rubber grease in my man shed,i use it when i replace seals on my 69 bonny,so the seal dont spin in the case,nuthn like a tight seal:)

  • Basically what Ian Armstrong said the trick is too loosen the air box holding bolts, slide it back which give you more room. Lift the carbs up from the rear slowly and they should come out easy. Reverse for installing. Now be careful the rubbers will be fragile due to age also its cold and they will not want to deform but they may crack!

  • try liquid soap :)

  • Silicon spray and lots of cussing.

  • A little fat and it hits.........

  • THE FASTEST AND MOST SECURE way is: with the filters off the carbs, lay a small piece of wood across the carb openings and using a spreader clamp against a seat crossmember and the wood , slowly use the spreader clamp to push all carbs on at will thank me !!! ;)