• Anybody know anything about a zoom zoom carb

    Anybody know anything about a zoom zoom carb

    • Just what iv seen others say. Iv not owned one.

    • You can rejet.. I dont know why people keep giving false info. n yes decent and cheap price. .

    • Have one coming later this week

    • I have personally ran one and feel the quality is not comparable to the stock carb, they also are more difficult to jet, I feel its due to slight design differences perhaps in the needle, slide, or leak jet areas, making the fuel atomization different. only my opinion

    • I might pick up the vm36 knock off to try

    • Ok for stock and that's just about it can't reject them rejecting them voids the warranty and they don't work

    • Who cares about the warranty. In what way did it not work ? Ran bad? Lean?I mean its cheap materials but exact copy.

    • I personally bought one and yes it did run just great put my aftermarket exhaust on put a Dynojet kit on it and it would no longer work

    • Dynojet kits use a different numerical scale. A 145 dynojet is smaller than a 145 mikuni

    • I bought one for my sons yz80 and have not had time to install it but i am pkanning on having it on this week